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About Us

American Friends of Likud is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit American educational organization. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and are used solely to fund AFL's educational programs and events.
AFL has developed unparalleled relationships with the Likud Ministers and Members of Knesset as well as other Israeli dignitaries and policy and opinion makers. Our programs feature these individuals as guest speakers, lecturers and educators. Our special relationships with Israel's leaders,  dignitaries, journalists, etc. have been developed over the years and are based on a mutual belief in a right-leaning Likud philosophy.
AFL informs and educates it members through diverse programming for its members and contributors. As a result, AFL provides  meaningful opportunities to interact with Israel's leaders.
(AFL's name is a bit of a misnomer. AFL is not an extension of the Israeli political party - Likud. All funds raised by AFL only go toward its educational programs and events, not the Likud party, its Ministers or MKs).
AFL President's Club. AFL's President's Club members are a select group of people who meet in private, more intimate settings with Israeli Ministers and MKs as well as prominent Israeli dignitaries, decision and opinion makers. These exclusive, off-the-record briefings, both in Israel on our missions and in the U.S., allow our President's Club members the opportunity to spend quality time with Israel's leaders and ask the questions they may not be able to in a larger forum. These opportunities allow for dialogue on a much more personal level, which encourages a meaningful exchange of ideas. President's Club members are invited to join our Spring and Fall Leadership Missions to Israel along with our Board Members where they participate in meetings and briefings in and around the Knesset and visit historic and strategic areas that form the defensive safeguard for the State of Israel.
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