The Next Generation of American Zionist Leaders
AFL's Young Leadership program is a testament to AFL's driving focus to inform and educate the Next Generation of Zionist Leaders. The AFL Young Leadership program routinely hosts nearly 100 young professionals at its monthly events.
These events have featured Likud Ministers & MKs, Israeli dignitaries, journalists, educators and various experts on the Middle East, politics and history. Each summer, our Young Leaders are invited to join an intense 4-5 day Mission to Israel where they are given the opportunity to gain insight and perspective by meeting Israel's leaders "on-the-ground" in Israel .
AFL's YL Mission aims to educate its participants with an intellectual, insider's view of the challenges Israel faces regionally and politically. AFL membership is truly an investment in the future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
Young Professional General Membership - $50


Young Professional Presidents Club - $1000


Our YP Presidents Club members are a small group of true leaders in our organization. In addition to General Membership and Young Professional events, the YP Pres. Club offers our young leadership an opportunity to form their own close connections with Likud leaders in a more “young professional friendly” environment. YP Pres. Club members are also invited to join our Leadership Missions to Israel.

AFL Young Leadership

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