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Min Amichai Chikli Jan 25 2023

Min Amichai Chikli Jan 25 2023

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On December 29, 2022, Amichai Chikli was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu to serve as Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Minister of Social Equality in the 25th Knesset.  Amichai first entered the Knesset as a member of the Yamina faction in 2021 but took a principled stance and refused to join a coalition that included anti-Zionist factions.  Chikli was born in Jerusalem to immigrants from France and currently lives with his family in the Galilee in Northern Israel.  Amichai is a Major in the IDF having served in active duty for eight years, initially in the Golani Brigade, then as a member of the elite unit Shayetet 13 of the Israeli navy and finally as a company commander of the elite commando Egoz unit.  He holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Security from Tel Aviv University.

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